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Ipamorelin (NNC 26-0161) is a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) that has gained significant attention as a highly selective member of its class. As a GHS, ipamorelin binds to the ghrelin receptors in the pituitary gland and stimulates the release of growth hormone (GH).
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  • What is Ipamorelin?

    Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide, which means it is made of five amino acids bound via peptide bonds. More specifically, the peptide’s structure is derived from a GHS called growth hormone-releasing peptide-1 (GHRP-1).

    Thus, ipamorelin is also a GHS, which means it activates the receptors of the hunger hormone ghrelin throughout the body and exerts ghrelin-like effects.
    It was originally formulated in 1994 by the pharmaceutical companies Novo Nordisk alongside Helsinn Therapeutics for its potential to activate the ghrelin receptors in the digestive system.

    This was suggested to stimulate peristalsis in patients with impeded bowel movements due to gastrointestinal surgeries.

    Notably, ipamorelin also activates the ghrelin receptors within the pituitary gland, aka the GHS-R1a. It does so with high selectivity, which results in increased GH synthesis without affecting other pituitary hormones.

    Currently, the peptide has been clinically tested for up to 10 days in several phase-2 studies, and the available data also reports a favorable safety profile.

  • How Does Ipamorelin Work?

    Ipamorelin works by activating the ghrelin receptors throughout the body, notably the GHS-R1a in the pituitary.

    Based on the available clinical data in healthy adults, the peptide activates these receptors, leading to a spike in serum GH levels within 40 minutes after administration.

    The half-life of the peptide is under 2 hours, so the GH-boosting effect of ipamorelin is expected to persist for 2-4 hours following a subcutaneous injection.

    The increase in growth hormone appears to be dose-dependent all the way up to 60 mcg per kilogram of body weight. Higher doses lead to similar results, reaching over 26 ng/ml (the norm is up to 10-14 ng/ml).

    Preclinical studies also report a mean 54% increase in the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is the main mediator of GH’s anabolic effects.

    In our clinic, the application of ipamorelin is entrusted to our team of highly skilled medical professionals who strictly adhere to rigorous safety protocols.

    This approach not only enhances efficacy but also ensures vigilant monitoring and management of any potential side effects throughout the process.

  • Benefits of Ipamorelin

    Ipamorelin, a peptide known for its varied physiological influences, has been extensively studied in preclinical trials, focusing on its effects on muscle mass, appetite, body weight, and bone density. Here’s a concise overview of its notable impacts:

    • Increased Body Weight and Muscle Gains: a study involving healthy mice observed a 16.9% increase in body weight within a two-week treatment period. This weight gain was believed to stem from the peptide’s ability to stimulate both GH/IGF-1 levels and appetite, both consequences of activating the ghrelin receptors in the central nervous system.
    • Maintain Muscle Strength: Ipamorelin has also shown promise in preserving muscle strength, particularly in catabolic conditions. Peptide effectively counteracted muscle strength loss, suggesting its potential use in preventing muscle wasting under specific clinical scenarios.
    • Increased Bone Mineralization: It has been reported to increase bone mineralization in mice undergoing combined therapy with ipamorelin and corticosteroids. Combined therapy led to denser and stronger bone formation compared to control groups receiving only corticosteroids. Also, research supports the notion that ipamorelin treatment boosts bone mineral and density.

  • Side Effects of Ipamorelin

    Ipamorelin has been clinically tested only in short-term studies, which may be insufficient for unveiling the safety of the peptide for long-term use.

    That’s because the benefits of the peptide for improving peristalsis within 7-10 days following surgery weren’t considered substantial, and further research in humans was halted.

    Nevertheless, the peptide showed a great safety profile in the available clinical data as it was linked only to causes of mild gastrointestinal issues such as nausea.

    In addition, the peptide is administered via subcutaneous injections, which can lead to typical and transitory adverse reactions at the injection site, including redness, pain, and swelling.

    A contraindication against administering ipamorelin is any medical history of cancer, as increasing GH levels may also speed up the growth of tumors.

  • How to Use Ipamorelin

    Based on the available clinical data, ipamorelin has been given in twice-daily doses, each of approximately 0.03mg per kilogram of body weight. Such high doses have not been tested for longer than 7-10 days.

    The peptide is suitable for twice or even trice-daily injections due to its short half-life and should be given at regular intervals.

    For example, twice-daily ipamorelin injections can be administered in the evening before bed and early in the morning, a couple of hours before breakfast.

    Administering the peptide before sleep may also help reduce its appetite-increasing effects

    Ipamorelin is commonly available as a freeze-dried powder needing mixing before usage. Before mixing, it remains stable in a cool, dark, and dry location. After reconstitution, its longevity varies depending on the solvent used.

    Typically, bacteriostatic water is preferred, as it prolongs the peptide’s life up to 28 days in refrigeration (36-46 F).

    For subcutaneous administration, ipamorelin injections are suitable in areas like around the belly button (2 inches away), outer upper arms, and front thighs. To prevent lipodystrophy, patients must alternate the injection sites after each administration.

    Ensure you have sterile needles, syringes, alcohol pads, and a disposal container ready before use. Here’s a concise guide for administering ipamorelin:

    1. Wash hands thoroughly and disinfect them. Put on sterile gloves.
    2. Clean the vial’s top with an alcohol swab, wiping it in one direction.
    3. Carefully draw the peptide solution with a sterile syringe and needle. Do not tap the vial or the syringe to avoid damaging the peptide.
    4. Select a suitable injection site. Disinfect the chosen injection spot and let it dry.
    5. Pinch a skin fold with one hand and insert the needle of the syringe at a 45-degree angle with your other hand.
    6. Inject the solution slowly, then smoothly remove the needle at the same angle.
    7. Dispose of the needle and syringe properly.
    8. Press a sterile alcohol pad on the site to manage any bleeding.


How Long Does Ipamorelin Stay In Your System?

Ipamorelin has a short half-life of less than 2 hours. Thus, the peptide may stay in your system for about 10 hours following administration. Studies report that Ipamorelin metabolites can be detected in urine samples for up to 37 hours after administration.

What Happens When You Stop Taking Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is not associated with risks of mental or physical dependence, and ceasing its use abruptly does not lead to withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, GHSs do not inhibit the activity of the pituitary gland, so GH levels in the body will revert to their levels before treatment.

Does Ipamorelin Affect Other Hormones?

Ipamorelin is highly selective GHS and does not affect other pituitary hormones except GH. The increase in GH may also upregulate IGF-1 production. Yet, studies do not report any effect on other hormones, such as testosterone or insulin.


"I've seen remarkable changes in my body from Ipamorelin. My muscle gains are impressive, and I've put on a healthy weight. What's more, my muscle strength remains intact. The doctors were always there, monitoring for side effects and ensuring my safety."


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