Growth hormone treatment help to reduce visceral and abdominal fat by stimulation of free fatty acids and increasing lipolysis. HGH increases metabolism and makes your body burn calories without depositing them into the fat stores. Significant fat losses can be seen in the first 3-4 weeks of the therapy.
HGH injections should be administered subcutaneously (abdominal area) or intramuscularly (thigh, deltoid). Researches show that subcutaneous injections are more effective and easier for self-administration. You can simply pinch the skin in the abdominal area between your fingers and inject HGH into the fat tissue. Also, we recommend switching injection sites to allow the tissue to recover and avoid bruising from injections.
There are no studies to prove the safeness and effectiveness of growth hormone supplements. Unlike the injectable HGH, supplements don't contain HGH and only claim to stimulate HGH production (no finding can support that). Also, as with other homeopathic products, these supplements are not approved by the FDA.