Best HGH injections on the market

By Dr. Dimitar Marinov

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Patients who get legal HGH injections in our clinic often ask us which brand is the best. That is because there are many brands on the market and it can be quite confusing to find the best injectable HGH for your needs.

In this article, you will discover which are the best HGH injections that are proven to be safe and effective. Furthermore, you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the most reputable brands of HGH injections in the world.

What brand of HGH is the best?

Five brands are the world’s leading manufacturers of HGH. We have listed them with their manufacturers and ranked them by their respective growth hormone market share:

  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly
  • Saizen by Merck Serono
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz

There is no significant difference in quality, safety, and effectiveness among the brands of HGH listed above because the molecular structure of the medication in all of them is the same.

All best injectable HGH products contain synthetic somatotropin, produced via recombinant DNA technology.

Because of this, the product is also called recombinant somatotropin in the medical community. The final product has the same protein structure made up of 191-amino acids just like the natural GH that should be synthesized in your body.

The main difference between the various growth hormone injections is in their popularity, ease of use, price, dosage form, storage, etc.

The most popular and prescribed brand worldwide is Norditropin, which also has the largest global market share – over 37,57% in 2017.

It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk which is a global leader in diabetic and human growth hormone medications. Their product – Norditropin FlexPro Pen, does not require reconstitution and provides significant comfort for the patients. That makes it so popular among patients.

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What to expect from HGH injections?

The first effects of HGH therapy usually occur 2-4 weeks after a regular daily administration. Patients with growth hormone deficiency will first notice an improvement in their body composition, such as a reduction in the body fat around the abdomen.

According to a study with 56 GH deficient patients, body fat was significantly reduced by the 4th week of HGH therapy and they lost as much as 4.5% of their total body fat for this period. Continuing the administration yielded additional fat loss, but at a slower pace.

Furthermore, the study shows that lean body mass, total body water, and markers for bone formation significantly increase from the 4th week until the end of the study.

Another study revealed that 6 months of HGH injections significantly increased oxygen capacity and exercise performance. The overall quality of life is also significantly improved after 6 months of GH therapy according to a trial with 24 GH deficient adults.

Side effects also can be expected, but they are quite rare when you take a recommended dosage of HGH under the supervision of a doctor.

Negative reactions to HGH can include headache, joint or muscle pain, and swelling in the arms and legs. However, they are only short-term and disappear after the first few days.

Long-term (4 years on average) safety and efficacy of various HGH products such as Norditropin have been proven in studies with both children and adults

Genotropin and Omnitropin safety has also been tested and compared in various studies, some of which have lasted up to 7 years. When used within the recommended dosage and under the supervision of a medical specialist, growth hormone injections are well tolerated and completely safe.

What is the best injectable HGH to buy?

Different HGH products on the market can significantly vary in their prices. Usually, the vials requiring reconstitution have a lower price than the prefilled formulas.

For example, the average HGH therapy cost using Humatrope or Saizen 5mg vials starts at $900, while the lowest price for Norditropin FlexPro Pen is $750.

However, prefilled pens might have higher cost-effectiveness, since a lower percentage of the product goes to waste. According to scientific evidence, the waste percentage for a vial that needs reconstitution and a syringe can reach up to 23%, compared to up to 19% for pens.

The waste percentage of Norditropin NordiFlex 5 mg is as low as 1% in adult patients. Thus, despite pens being more expensive as a product, they are significantly more cost-effective than a vial.

What are the easiest HGH injections to use?

Norditropin is likely the easiest HGH product to use since it does not require reconstitution. Furthermore, Norditropin FlexPro comes as an easy-to-handle pen device that provides great comfort for patients. According to studies, Norditropin auto-injector devices are well accepted and tolerated by both children and adults who self-administer the medication.

Device to inject HGH easily

Norditropin FlexPro Pen in particular uses the thinnest needles available (NovoFine) and an Autocover device, which hides the needle during injections. Trials with patients suggest these factors significantly improve comfort and reduce the fear of injections in patients when compared to other products. Pain is also minimized.

Another prefilled growth hormone injection that is quite comfortable for the patients is the Omnitrope Pen. However, it doesn’t come as an all-in-one unit, but with a replaceable cartridge instead.

Furthermore, Genotropin MiniQuick is an HGH product that comes as a single dose pen with an easy to mix a two-chamber system.

Best HGH injections for weight loss

The best HGH injections for weight loss are those coming from licensed pharmacies and reputable manufacturers. Products such as Norditropin, Genotropin, Humatrope, and Saizen contain HGH identical to the naturally secreted growth hormone and thus they can all lead to optimal weight loss effects.

HGH aids weight loss by triggering the fat burning process of lipolysis

First of all, growth hormone stimulates an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) which breaks down fat and releases it from the fat cells.

Best HGH injections for weight loss

In addition to that, it affects another enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL). It is known to breakdown extracellular fats and stimulates their uptake by the body cells. HGH inhibits the LPL activity in fat cells, which prevents fat from entering and getting stored. However, LPL activity in muscle tissue is not suppressed, so fat can enter muscle cells and get burned for energy.

Best HGH injections for muscle building

Similarly, GH product with the best muscle building effects contains the highest quality recombinant human growth hormone. And is coming from reputable manufacturers and licensed pharmacies.

GH has mostly a sparing effect on muscle tissue. This is why it is widely used in the complex therapy of conditions that lead to muscle wasting

Overall, HGH therapy leads to a significant increase in lean tissue and skeletal muscle mass in adults with growth hormone deficiency. However, studies fail to find a significant muscle-building effect on people without the condition.

What HGH products should you stay away from?

Unfortunately, counterfeit products of popular HGH brands are not uncommon. That’s why it is important to obtain your prescribed HGH injections from licensed doctors.

Besides, there are multiple HGH brands shipped from overseas which often switch their names and labels. Usually, they have a considerably lower cost compared to the regulated HGH brands.

However, these products are not approved or regulated by the FDA and their exact ingredients are mostly unknown. Trying to save money by purchasing such products might eventually turn out to be more costly.

There are also products legally available without a prescription, which are labeled as supplements or growth hormone secretagogues (GHS), such as Ipamorelin or Sermorelin. Like any other supplement, they are not a subject of regulation by the FDA.

Usually, they come in tablet form for oral use or as HGH gel for transdermal use. And claim to contain legal alternatives or growth hormone precursors that are proven to naturally increase growth hormone levels in the body.

However, their contents usually include L-arginine, Alpha -GPC, Velvet Antler, and others. Which according to the majority of studies doesn’t affect HGH levels at all.

Human growth hormone is only effective when taken as an injection, due to its protein structure made up of 191 amino acids. If HGH is taken orally, it will be simply digested in your gut and rendered ineffective.

The Takeaway

The best HGH on the market includes brands such as Norditropin, Genotropin, Humatrope, and Saizen. They contain HGH identical to the naturally secreted growth hormone in the human body.

You can discover the best injectable HGH for you with the help of our medical specialists. Our expert medical team consists of highly experienced doctors and endocrinologists and we offer exceptional care and dedication.