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AOD 9604

AOD 9604 (Anti-Obesity Drug 9604) is an orally-active hexadecapeptide. It is a fragment of the human growth hormone (HGH) molecule, which mediates the fat-burning effects of the hormone specifically
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Body fat loss

Weight reduction

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  • What is AOD 9604?

    AOD 9604 is a peptide made of 16 amino acids (hexadecapeptide) that is a modified fragment of HGH. The growth hormone has a wide range of effects, which are thought to be mediated by different parts of its 191 amino acid sequence.

    AOD 9604 is made of the C-terminal fragment of HGH, which contains the last 15 amino acids (that fragment is also known as HGH177-191 or AOD-9401), which is termed to be the lipolytic fragment of the growth hormone and the main mediator of its fat burning effects.

    In addition, AOD 9604 is modified with tyrosine at its N-terminus to stabilize the molecule and make it orally active. This is why AOD-9604 is also known as Tyr-HGH177-191.

    The stability of the molecule is further enhanced by the formation of a disulfide bridge between the two cysteine amino acids at the 7th and 14th position, a structure also present in hGH (Cys182-Cys189).

    AOD 9604 was originally developed in the late 90s by the Australian company Metabolic Pharmaceuticals, and since then, it has been under active research as a potential anti-obesity therapy.

    AOD 9604 is expected to have similar effects and mechanisms for fat loss as that of HGH therapy. In addition, the peptide boasts significant safety, thanks to the fact that the peptide lacks any of HGH’s anti-insulin or proliferation-stimulating effects.

    Moreover, AOD 9604 also has great oral bioavailability. This is a highly convenient method for administration, which eliminates the risk of local adverse reactions following an injection.

  • How Does AOD 9604 Work?

    AOD 9604 is thought to work for fat loss and weight reduction in a similar way as hGH, which includes increased activation of certain receptors in fat cells, namely the adrenergic receptors, and increased fatty acid release (lipolysis) from adipose tissue.

    However, these exact mechanisms are not fully elucidated. Nevertheless, it is clear that AOD 9604 does not affect the levels of GH or related anabolic mediators such as insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

    Furthermore, AOD 9604 is expected to have slightly lower weight loss potency compared to actual HGH.

    That is based on results from murine trials, which report that AOD 9604 led to a 28% reduction of baseline body weight after 14-day therapy compared to a 40% reduction in body weight with GH.

    HGH therapy may lead to greater weight loss due to the anti-insulin effects of the hormone, which reduces insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, forcing the body to shift towards utilizing more fats.

    The available clinical data has employed oral AOD 9604 and also suggests that the peptide may effectively stimulate fat loss and body fat reduction. Trials report significant weight loss within 3 months of AOD 9604 therapy.

    At our healthcare center, the use of AOD 9604 is managed by our experienced medical staff, who follow stringent safety guidelines with great care. This method boosts effectiveness while also providing thorough oversight and control of any possible adverse reactions during the treatment.

  • Benefits of AOD 9604

    The primary advantage of AOD 9604 is its capability to activate lipolysis and encourage fat reduction. This has been explored and demonstrated in multiple preclinical and clinical studies, highlighting its potential for aiding in weight loss.

    This peptide might also share some restorative benefits similar to those of growth hormone, although additional research is needed to validate these effects. Below are a few significant studies:

    • Weight reduction: A daily dose of 1mg of AOD-9604 showed an average weight reduction of 5.72 pounds. In contrast, the placebo group lost just 1.76 pounds. Notably, a higher daily dosage of 10mg did not lead to increased weight loss, indicating that the weight reduction effects of AOD-9604 are not dependent on the dose.
    • Reduce fat: AOD-9604 leads to weight loss, primarily by reducing fat. For instance, obese Zucker rats administered with the peptide lost about half their body weight in 19 days. The study also observed a 23% rise in lipolytic activity, as measured by the release of glycerol from the fatty tissues in the treated animals.
    • Enhance cartilage regeneration: In research focusing on knee osteoarthritis induced by collagenase, AOD9604 was found to enhance cartilage regeneration compared to a saline placebo. Additionally, the study noted that combining AOD9604 with hyaluronic acid injections was more effective than using either treatment alone.

  • Side Effects of AOD 9604

    At present, only a pair of studies, identified as METAOD005 and METAOD006, have explored the long-term safety profile of AOD-9604. These studies utilized an oral form of AOD-9604.

    The larger study, METAOD006, which encompassed over 500 participants and doses of AOD-9604 up to 1mg daily, revealed that the frequency of adverse effects in the group receiving treatment was comparable to that in the placebo group.

    The primary adverse effects noted in the AOD-9604 group were:

    • Nasopharyngitis – 46.8%
    • Headache – 30.1%
    • Back pain – 25.5%
    • Diarrhea – 22.9%.

    None of these adverse effects were conclusively linked to the treatment.

    Additionally, both studies highlighted the substantial safety of the peptide, with no adverse effects commonly associated with external HGH usage, such as elevated IGF-1 levels or impaired glucose tolerance.

    Moreover, there were no changes in lab results, vital signs, or ECG readings. There were no instances of allergic reactions or antibody formation in the subjects.

    In summary, AOD-9604 demonstrates a safety profile akin to that of a placebo. It does not significantly impact IGF-1 levels, contribute to cancer growth, or lead to insulin resistance, and there were no clear contraindications against its use.

  • How to Use AOD 9604

    AOD 9604 is effectively administered in pill form as it has shown good absorption in the digestive tract.

    Research indicates that AOD 9604 is both safe and effective when used at a dosage of 1 mg daily for up to three months. While higher doses have been tested and found to be safe, their effectiveness is not as pronounced.

    However, the long-term safety and efficacy of AOD 9604 beyond 12 weeks of daily usage have not been extensively researched

    The timing of administration of AOD 9604 can be flexible during the day, as its absorption remains unaffected by food.

    In general, oral peptide formulations, including AOD 9604, also boast prolonged shelf-life and stability compared to injectable peptides mixed with bacteriostatic water.

    With appropriate storage in a cool, dry, and dark environment, away from heat or sunlight, AOD 9604 can remain stable for up to two years.


How Long Does AOD 9604 Stay In Your System?

Researchers do not know the specific half-life of AOD 9604, and therefore, it may be difficult to estimate how long it stays in your system and for what period it may be detectable in urine or blood samples. However, it is generally thought to be in the range of several minutes to an hour. Considering that it takes about 5 half-lives for a medication to completely leave the human body, it may be safe to assume that AOD 9604 does not stay in your system for longer than a day.

What Happens When You Stop Taking AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 has not been reported to pose a risk of psychological or physical addiction. Stopping it abruptly does not pose any risk of withdrawal or any negative effects on your endocrine health and hormone production.

Does AOD 9604 Affect Other Hormones?

AOD 9604 does not affect any hormones, according to the available scientific data. It has no direct effect on HGH, IGF-1, testosterone, insulin, or any other hormone. Yet, reducing body fat levels, especially around the abdomen, may prove beneficial for your overall endocrine health,


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